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Consumer Units

Consumer Units & Accessories


Here you will find products from leading manufacturers such as Wylex, MK Electric, Europa Components and many more.


Items available in this section include:



Other items you will find in this section include the Kewtech Kewlok MCB Lock - off device!


We also provide consumer unit fuses if required, in the fuses category.



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Consumer Units


There is quite a choice of consumer units on the market and a good supplier will be able to advise you on the best one for your application. Be careful to decide what you are looking for in terms of output circuits. The consumer units these days are so variable that you can for little extra cost have control of exactly what you want on an individual or a combined circuit basis and it is worthwhile taking the time to decide on the opportunities that are available.


The consumer unit itself can be the fully insulated plastic type that appears in most domestic situations and these can be from the basic box type to a highly finished architecturally designed box built to fit into the normal household. The latest designs can be sunk into the wall to leave just a face plate protruding from the wall. These flush mounted designs are not difficult to fit but there must be a way of getting the cables easily into the structure.


Alternatively there are metal consumer unit boxes built to withstand shock and more extreme conditions, these are basically designed as workshops or garage units but theoretically they can have many usage positions. Whatever design you obtain make sure it is accessible to you but not to children make sure it is a safe design so that little people standing on chairs cannot gain access.


Modern boxes are now being fitted with a locking type device that allows electricians to get into the cabling quickly and easily but which cannot be opened accidently or by children. Make sure that the design of the consumer unit and its layout of circuits is easily understood and that the circuit breakers and RCDs (Residual Current Devices) can easily be accessed when a circuit trips.


For many a person the tripping of an electrical circuit is something of a mystery but these days circuits can be tripped by a bulb blowing and to be able to find which circuit and how to switch it back on is very important. Make sure that the consumer unit is one where you know which circuit breaker and RCD controls which circuit. Each unit will have a labelling system so that each circuit is labelled according to where it supplies power, make sure that the unit has a simple and easy access cover and that the offending circuit breaker or RCD can be identified immediately both from the label and also by that it has tripped out.