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Switches & Sockets

Electrical Switches & Sockets


Welcome to the Switches & Sockets category on our website!


We at The Lamp Post supply a vast range of switches, sockets and wiring accessories. All of our products are from leading manufacturers including BG Electrical, Greenbrook and Schneider Electric. This means that you are getting the products at a great price without skimping on quality.


Our switches and sockets are available in a variety of finishes, from the standard matt white plastic to an array of polished, brushed, antique or satin metal finishes. As a result, you are sure to find a high quality switch or socket that will fit in any environment. Our products are perfect for office renovations and will be right at home in your home.


We also supply wiring accessories for outdoor use and use in industrial environments. For more information on our sturdier wiring accessories, please check our metalclad and outdoor weatherproof ranges.


Products in this section include:



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