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When it comes to choosing lighting these days, people are paying far more attention to what lights they buy. Gone are the days of buying simple beige lampshades for every room in the house, with many people now willing to spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds on lighting for their house or flat. With this sort of fussiness and range of choice, many are looking to install wireless systems for their lighting too, such as the Wise Box Kits for sale in this category.


Mood lighting is now seen as a key must-have feature in many homes, with the latest LED lighting systems being able to change colour, and hence the look and feel of a room, at the flick of a switch. Indeed, there are now lighting engineers employed specifically to look at the lighting designs used in many bars and restaurants as the look of the lighting is classed as so important. To be able to change the level of lighting via wireless is a great feature for many a restaurant or bar, hence how the Wisebox Dim Kits shown above are such good sellers.


However, whilst many of these commercial lighting systems could be changed over at the flick of a remote control, until now the remote control lighting systems that have been available for home use have been few and far between, with most just offering the basic capacity to turn one light on or off remotely.


Now though there is a new system called the Wisebox Kit which has come on to the market, which allows you to wirelessly control four individual lighting circuits.


It allows you not to just turn the lights on and off remotely, but also to dim them up and down from the comfort of your armchair. Typically these systems allow for the control of four separate 700 watt dimmer channels.


They have the added functionality that when the lights are turned off, when turned back on again they all return to the previous level of dimming that they were set to. Should you not want each circuit to have a dimming function (not all halogen lights can be wired in to a dimmer, nor can fluorescent tubes) then each channel can be converted to a straight on/off remote switch by flicking a small dipswitch in the main control box.


These wireless Wise Box dimming systems also feature a wireless wall controller thus ensuring that all the lights can be controlled manually should you lose the remote control keyfob, or should its battery run out. This means you are never left without the ability to turn them on or off.


The benefits these wireless dimming systems bring is that you can effectively do away with wall switches allowing you to have the ultimate minimalist look to your house or apartment.